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Surviving the holidays: Practical tips for work and home

Here's our holiday survival guide to help you and your employees deal with various stressors and special situations over the holidays.

At the Workplace
Seven Dos and Don’ts for the Holiday Season - from employment attorney Jonathan Segal

Top 10 Holiday Aggravations at Work - what not to do

Tis the Season - to be extra careful about holiday legal issues

14 Ways to Stay Focused at Work Through the Holidays

Avoiding stress & problems
9 Holiday Depression Busters

Coping with SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder

Ease Holiday Stress, boost work life balance

Holiday Health & Safety Tips - Centers for Disease Control

Stress, depression and the holidays: Tips for coping - from the Mayo Clinic

Eating & Drinking in the Holidays
Healthy Eating and Holiday Meal Planning from the American Diabetes Association

Healthy Eating Tips and Light Party Recipes for the Holidays

Top 10 Holiday Diet Tips - WebMD

The Holidays: Challenges and Survival Guide for Sober Alcoholics

Al-Anon helping families through alcoholism during holidays

How to Cope with Family Holiday Events... Without Alcohol!

Family Matters
7 Holiday Stress Busters for Kids

10 Tips to Help Seniors Enjoy the Holidays

Children of Divorce List Holiday Dos and Don'ts

2012 Dangerous Toys report

Special situations

Military Holiday Center , including 5 Tips Managing Deployment Stress During the Holidays

Dealing with grief or loss over the holidays

Helping Children Cope with Holidays After a Disaster (PDF)

Top Ten Ways to Survive the Holidays During and After Divorce

Handling Holidays After Divorce

Multicultural Familia - Holidays

How to Cope with Spending the Holidays Away From Home

Money and finance
Manage Your Holiday Spending (PDF) - tips from The American Financial Services Association Education Foundation (AFSAEF)

Avoiding competitive shopping for fun & profit - minimizing financial stress

Mastering Your Holiday Season Budget

Making the holidays less materialistic for your kids - from KidsHealth

Financial stress is a big issue at this time of year. The following resources are not specific to the holidays, but helpful in addressing the financial stress that can accompany the holidays.

Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Parents (PDF)

Dollars and sense: Talking to your children about the economy

Guide to Meaningful & Charitable Gift-Giving
American Red Cross - Gift Giving Catalog


Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance

Charity Navigator

Avoid Charity Fraud


esi.JPGWhen Holiday stress gets to be too much, an EAO can be a lifesaver. Learn how ESI Employee Assistance Program can help address your employees' wellbeing issues - from a wellness benefits and help for everyday work-life matters to comprehensive assistance for a wide array of potentially disruptive issues and problems. To learn more about how ESI EAP can help, give us a call: 800-535-4841.

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